W E L C O M E T O M Y W E B P A G E ! ! ! :D

Thank you so much for stopping by! This is a website I coded myself from scratch using the languages HTML and CSS. Here is where I will post memes that I think are funny and whatever else interests me! /w\
This website is under constant development and will undergo changes, big and small, as I customize it and add more content (while removing content I no longer enjoy.)

It's just a little project of mine to kill time while I work my way through college. If you like, you can visit the page regularly to keep track of what changes and what has stayed the same, as I learn more about how web design works.

As you may have guessed... I like anime O_O I'm an otaku! My favorites are sci-fi anime but I tend to enjoy anything that's well made.

Mecha anime inspired me towards going to school for engineering! Someday I want to build a really big robot! :D And hopefully I'll be able to protect people that way, even though I'm not strong.