✨ never was there ever a boy so pretty ✨

hi! i'm gay. here's some more things about me:

♥ please ask my name or check my discord status ♥
♥ ask pronouns (aux he/him) ♥
♥ aromantic/demisexual ♥ gay ♥ severely mentally ill ♥
♥ genderfluid trans man ♥ paper witch/diviner ♥
♥ artist ♥ occassional fic writer ♥

i am very fluent in english and i know some french,
i am an arist (the icon on this page is part of something i drew in late 2019)
additionally, i am fluent in html and decently knowledgeable in css,
but i am not confident enough to do much more than little personal webpages for myself.
javascript is big and scary, isn't it?

out of the concepts someone can value,
for me, i think i value friendship, communication, and loyalty the most.
i absolutely respect people who understand how to treat other people kindly.
i stick with people when we make eachother happy
and freely leave those who cause me only negative emotions.
i think everyone should live like that.

when i list 'severely mentally ill' that's not really something i made up myself on a whim
i'm bipolar, bpd, cptsd, osdd-1b, ocd, and that's not even all of my dx's
my mental illnesses severely limit the life i'm able to live,
and have crushed many of my dreams along their path
so right now, i just want to work an easy job that can support my hobbies.
i'll always do my best to live happily!

♥ life will get better when you least expect it ♥
♥ you have to live long enough to prove yourself wrong ♥

♥ ♥ ♥