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Monday, October 5th, 2020
Post #1

Test post and future planning

Tonight is the night I started coding this part of the site, since I couldn't sleep, and I woke up way too early. Here is a quick post to get things started.

Actually, you might have noticed that this site is extremely simple. This is so it (kind of!) works on mobile but also so it's not extremely complicated to code, allowing me to use it as a kind of notebook, consistently going back into the code to add more content with each blog post. Eventually this page is going to get a bit long and scroll-y and when that happens I'll split the content up between pages and make some kind of archive. Web design is only my hobby and not my job so the site won't be perfect but really I was focusing on making something that's easiest for me to both initially make and consistently work with.

The current things on the chopping block are writing my spell for disregarding the negative opinions of others and trying scrying, both with a crystal ball and a bowl of moon water (next time there is a full moon) to see what I prefer.

I eventually also want to try to write a memory spell for forgetting a specific memory or situation. I hold the human ability to forget in high regard, about as much as our ability to remember. I think it is extremely useful to be able to let go of painful memories or, for example, painful people. I try to make spells that I myself would use so this is definitely something I'll be considering. It will be more complicated as if you put too much effort/time into a ritual about something you are actually more likely to remember what the ritual is about. I will have to think of something simple, casual, and "weightless", something you can almost do unconsciously, like throwing away a piece of trash. The less fancy, the better. A breathing exercise might actually be best, perhaps with incense to invoke the wind, allowing the memory to simply be blown away.

I was recently accepted into a coven called Raven's Gate and I've been trying to get over my anxiety enough to get to know everyone. On Tuesday I can finally ask my psychiatrist about anxiety medication. I'm really happy about that, so hopefully my life will be more bearable. Medication has changed my life before so I fully trust in its ability to so again.

It is currently 5:39 AM as I write this so I may post again today if I think of anything to say.

If you got this far, shoot me a message on SoM to let me know you looked at my blog :>

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